philosophical meditation

I am always interested in different ways of experiencing meditation. Here is...

13th Jul
Botanical gardens, winter

So Many Little Stories

When I sit and meditate, I’m aware of how much storytelling is...

24th Jun
Anxiety 1

My new meditation chair

comfortable supportive I breathe out and take my seat

10th Jun

Awareness Recollection meditation #1

Coloured lights going fast Slow~fast~slow yellow, orange and flashes of purple trying...

30th Mar
Kiama beach #2

The Holiday Tram

I often take the tram to go to the city. During busy...

04th Feb
The Holiday Tram

Meditation practice with blues harmonica

George Kamikawa is a busker who plays in Bourke St mall, in...

25th Dec
blackwattle bay #4

Have yourself a mindful Christmas

Well, it’s that time of the year again. When the world seems...

08th Dec
Have yourself a mindful Christmas

Voice Training blog #3 — how high are your shoulders?

No, it’s not the name of a movie, but for professional voice...

20th Nov
Voice Training blog #3 — how high are your shoulders?

Hanging on and Letting go

I am packing up my flat, as I shall be moving house...

21st Oct
strength and calm